Antonio Cavoto is a creative pizza maker from San Marco dei Cavoti a small town near Naples. His passion for pizza has been within him since he was 13, when he started making pizza together with his father Salvatore. He got a degree in civil engineering, and continued building his experience during and after his studies, working as a pizza maker in different pizzerias. In 2017 he decides to leave Italy to move to Amsterdam, where he starts working at Mangia Pizza, initially as a pizza maker. After working there for one year, he deepens even more his passion for Neapolitan pizza and starts building his team leadership skills. At that moment, suddenly something unexpected happens...

He gets a call from England with a job proposal to work as an engineer. He finds himself in front of a crossroad, aware that he has to make one the most important decisions of his life: choose between his passion or
continue the path of his studies.

His choice is now clear to everyone, his passion has prevailed over everything else. Initially supported by a person who believed in Antonio’s potential right from the very beginning, an entrepreneur known by the nickname
of “Baggio” who is the owner of two premises in Amsterdam with a life dedicated to restoration, Antonio has built his success and his continuous professional growth thanks to his great dedication to work and the ongoing study and experimentation on pizza. Antonio likes to describe himself in one sentence: “I actually never abandoned my studies in mathematics applied to construction, today I find myself applying those concepts in the quest to create the perfect pizza dough”.

On April 1, 2018 he decides to make yet another big step in his adventure and he becomes the co-owner of Mangia Pizza, and he is joined and supported by his partner Marisa, who decides to move with him in Holland and immediately spurs and supports Antonio in the hectic life of an enthusiastic restoration professional. Together, they try to bring the authentic flavors and a warm Neapolitan touch in a country that is almost completely new to them.