We only select high quality Italian ingredients which have obtained both the I.G.P. and D.O.P. certification to offer our customers a genuine and traditional product worthy of its fame.

The basics: Flour, Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella

  • Flour

    We are proud to be using one of the best and highest quality pizza flours on the market, the “Costa d’Amalfi” produced by Molino Pizzuti.

    It is a type “0” flour developed for medium-long rising period and it’s perfect for our Neapolitan style pizzas and for our beautiful wood fired oven. The dough made with this flour rises for about 48 hours, and it allows for the highest level of digestibility and taste.

  • Tomato Sauce

    Our sauce is done with San Marzano dop. The San Marzano DOP tomatoes grow in the Angro-Nocerino-Sarnese area in the Campania region in Southern Italy.

    The San Marzano tomato is essential for a high quality Italian pizza. It grows on soft, potassium-rich soil and is harvested between July 30th and September 30th each year. The harvest is done exclusively by hand, in a scalar manner, just when the fruits reach full maturity.

  • Mozzarella

    The fiordilatte is a fresh cheese made of spun dough, obtained with raw whole cow’s milk from multiple milkings over a maximum of 16 hours, as it must be delivered very fresh for processing.

    Originally from the Southern Apennines, in Campania it is particularly famous that of Agerola, produced with a share of milk from the prized Agerolese bovine breed which makes it particularly tasty. Mozzarella fiordilatte di Agerola.

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